Sensi Pro



  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Data collection from any Smart device and sensor
  • Works with any industry leading protocols and interfaces
  • Encrypted & secure design
  • Multi-tier redundancy features of Cloud solution
  • Self-correcting metrics
  • Visual online and historical dashboards
  • Customisable metrics
  • Trends and  predictive analytics


Billing System

  • Multi-dimensional Billing process
  • Works for all Utilities, Rent, Usage & more
  • Multinational Tariff support
  • Integration APIs with ERPs ie SAP, Ms Dynamics & more
  • Many2Many service/ tenant/ customer/ subscriber/ asset models
  • Customer Web Portal facility
  • Automatic Scheduling of Bill runs and supporting documents
  • Own Branded invoice and document templates
  • Fully customisable


24/7 Monitoring Station

  • On Demand Connection with our trained engineers will monitor your system 24/7 and notify you for any abnormalities
  • Immediate and direct contact from a staff member


Consumption Analytics Optimisation

  • Creating Value from consumption data
  • Machine learning and big data analytics 
  • Bill prediction, trends and behaviour learning
  • Unsupervised deep learning and Clustering
  •  Actionable insights
  • Energy and Cost Savings Hints
  • Artificial intelligent and model based fault diagnosis
  • Abnormalities detection
  • Preventing Maintenance service
  • Avoid Energy losses
  • Comparative tariff models 



  • Login Page
    Match your company styling, and ensure your customers and internal users have exactly the experience you intend 

  • Color Options
    Everything from the menu colors, graphs, to buttons and the logo of your platform is completely customisable

  • Custom URL
    Bring customers into your portal via a custom URL

  • Reports and Email notifications
    Make all of the automated reports and emails sent out to match your company’s branding

  • Your language
    Have your branded energy analytics dashboard translated in the language of your choice


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